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Who We Are

Car Point Auto Sales, a family owned and operated business that has been in operation for over 16 years serving our clients, by reconditioning/rebuilding clean, late model, low mileage automobiles and trucks that offer affordable value for our customers. 
Car Point  prides itself in honesty and pride of workmanship and in being above board in all transactions with our customers. 
We specialize in makes and models and other green low emission vehicles that promote harmony for our environment. 
We seek out vehicles that have sustained minimal damage and rebuild/recondition them to a state that rivals new status. We never ever purchase or resell any vehicle that has had flood damage. 
We offer to our customer’s identification on the original vehicle damage, so making a decision for buying is easy and straightforward. Some of our vehicles are offered with clear titles and others are offered with salvage titles. A salvage title in no way diminishes the quality of the vehicle or the work done to restore the vehicle. Every salvage vehicle sold must first meet state requirements and inspection before it can be resold. We can provide you with copies of these inspection reports.

CAR POINT AUTO SALES is dedicated to customer satisfaction and we have provided you with a map, as well as our address and phone number to help you find us easily.

We are passionate about luxury cars and we intent on sharing that passion with you when you purchase your new car from us.

Come by today and test drive the car of your choice.